2019 - We focus on 2110 and NDI and more

SMPTE 2110 standard comes to maturity. More and more pure 2110 installations goes live. And the IP uncompressed and separate video/audio/data transfer start to reveal and surprise the same time the net advantages for the 2110. We at Hydra were in favor for 2110 over 12G/6G extended SDI since the beginning, although in the beginning the 12G SDI made simpler and easier transition to UHD.
NDI is another IP transfer technology spreading faster than anyone expected. The NDI is embraced by a surprisingly huge number of manufacturers. What NDI brings into these manufacturers is new innovative and ingenious features that transform the content creation industry.
We at Hydra work for years with NDI devices so now we are searching ways to combine the two technology platforms (2110 and NDI) into an friendly and robust ecosystem.
Streaming: Common Media Application Format (CMAF) probable will succeed and start to spread to simplify MPEG DASH and HLS streaming even if DRM encryption is still a challenge.
We at Hydra focus on making easy to use integrated systems to push on-line TV to local customers that need a way to spread their imagination and creativity. Even lots of pieces for an on-line platform are available for years, for the local customers to have an on-line distribution is painful and distract them from their main goal: to create content.
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