Who we are

Founded in 1990, Hydra Ltd. is a well established player for Romanian broadcast industry.
Until 2000 we focused on introducing digital technologies on the Romanian market.

Since 2000, we focused on introducing file based technologies and modern workflows on Romanian market.

Starting with 2010 we began shifting to the telco industry. We watched, studied and assimilated technologies that now become default components for Telco companies.
Seeing as the broadcast industry is merging with telco industry, it is then a natural step to design and deploy these new technologies.

Since 1997 we are channel partner for the former Leitch then Harris and now Imagine Communications company. This heritage gives us deep knowledge and deep understanding of Imagine Communications technologies, products and solutions.

Starting with 2011, we turned us into an SI (System Integrator) company focused on commissioning and installing Imagine Communications solutions worldwide. Our knowledge about Imagine products allow us to integrate other components into Imagine systems with better interoperability.
It is unanimously recognized that there is a major shift in broadcast and telco industries. And this is not only as a result of IP migration or how the media is changing.
We at Hydra, recognize that today 100% of broadcasting technology is based on software. Embedded into hardware or not, the software raises new challenges:
  • There is no more 100% reliable components/blocks inside complex systems. From the beginning, systems have to be designed taking into consideration that components have glitches ("bugs").
  • Software developing technologies are changing. This mean that useful system components have to be dropped or replaced completely because of no support or prohibitive costs for old programming technologies.
  • Software solutions need more maintenance than old hardware solutions. Software maintenance is more challenging and need higher skilled human resources.
This is where Hydra is focusing.
Our main skills are in designing redundant solutions and using monitoring and control systems in order to minimize the impact of maintenance and frequently upgrades.
If we speak about a head-end, or an ott system, or a playout solution, how can systems be designed to cope with frequent defects or upgrades, etc? How useful is a monitoring solution and how reliable and trusted can it be?  
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